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Never know when new music drops?

We know the feeling and it's why we built theDrop. We'll notify you know as soon as your favorite artists release new albums, EPs and singles so you're the first to know. Tell your friends and be their go-to for new music.

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Just tell us who you like and we'll take care of the rest. No more sifting through cluttered and often irrelevant social media newsfeeds to pull out updates about new music and concerts.

Didn't know your favorite band was in town recently?

Avoid the frustration of finding out about concerts after they happen. theDrop lets you know when your favorite bands and singers are touring in your city. Invite your friends and grab tickets using theDrop. Get personalized recommendations to check out new bands playing near you and the ability to listen to them before you spend on concert tickets.

Feel out of touch with new music?

Did you know Foo Fighters, Calvin Harris, Fall Out Boy and Pitbull all dropped new singles this week?

Not sure what to listen to next?

Discover new artists with recommendations based on your tracked artists and the songs you listen to. Or browse through the top artists from EDM, Hip-Hop, Country, Alternative and many other genres.

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Get the same features plus instant notifications via your iPhone. Import your Spotify playlists, enjoy streaming of full-length tracks via Spotify and Rdio and buying music directly through iTunes.

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